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Damn, Sami thought, as she rode down from the mountaintop that her climax had just brought her to, but this damn girl knows how to eat pussy.

“Oooh, but that was heavenly, baby,” Sami cooed as she pulled Gina up so that she could embrace her, “That was outstanding, sweets.”

“I’m so glad, Sami; I really wanted to please you,” Gina replied as she snuggled into the crook of Sami’s arm, pressing her body tightly against Sami.

“Let me rest a bit, baby, and I’ll return the favor,” Sami said softly as she kissed the top of Gina’s head.

“Sami?” Gina said after a few minutes.

“Yeah, baby, what is it?” Sami dreamingly replied.

“Right next to you, in the nightstand drawer, there’s a little blue ‘toy’; would you get it, please?” Gina asked.

“Sure baby,” Sami replied as she retrieved the six-inch, slender vibrator, blue indeed.

“When you’re ready to ‘do‘ me?” Gina asked, “Would you fuck me in the ass with that first, please, pretty please,” she continued, as she moved onto her stomach, her legs spreading as she did so, the wetness of her pussy trailing across the bed sheet. Free live mobile sexchat.

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